Rho Ophiuchus Nebula Complex (IC 4604)

This region of the sky encompasses portions of the constellations Scorpius and Ophiuchus. Rho Ophiuchus is the triple star embedded in blue nebulosity near the top center. The bright red star just below center, and embedded in orangish nebulosity is Antares. The large globular cluster M4 is just to the right of Antares, and a smaller globular (NGC 6144) is just to the upper right of Antares. Further to the upper right of Antares is the bright star Sigma in Scorpius. It is also surrounded by a nebula. Above Antares, a number of dark nebula can been seen silhouetted against the starry background. A third globular cluster, M80, is to the right of Rho Ophiuchus.

Date: June 2, 2003
Exposure: 60 + 60 minutes
200 mm lens @ f/8 piggybacked on LX200
Guiding: SBIG STV
Camera: Olympus OM-1
Film: Kodak Supra 400 (non-starburst)
Scanned: Hewlett Packard S20
Processing: Adjusted curves in Adobe Photoshop 6, noise reduction with SGBNR
Ambient conditions: 35 F, 80% RH

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